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Welcome to St. Andrew's CE Infants' School!

At St. Andrew's C.E. Infants' we promote opportunities to learn skills for life on a daily basis.

We learn together in friendship, respecting and valuing one another in all that we do.

We come to St. Andrew's each day living by and in Faith.

“Show respect” for all people (1 Peter 2 V17)

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Our school motto is ‘Learning together in friendship and faith’ which we aim to do on a daily basis.

We like asking questions at St. Andrew's - these questions will tell you a little more about us.


We also have a virtual tour video of our school which can be found using the St Andrew's Transition tab above left on this very page!

What do we offer our pupils at St. Andrew's C.E Infants'?

At St. Andrew's we have a friendly, caring learning environment where every single individual is valued and respected. It is a place where each member of our school community comes together to learn, to develop skills and knowledge that will enable, bring choice and equip us for the future.

We offer daily opportunities for our pupils to explore, examine, test, question and perservere.

Christian values permeate all that we do, with our pupils knowing the importance of building friendships, being peacemakers and finding their way along a journey towards faith.

How is this offered to pupils?

We have high expectations at St. Andrew's in every area of school life. Our aims for every pupil are for them to reach their potential, to celebrate success and continue to be extended through daily challenges. Each pupil and each day is precious.

Our vibrant learning environments encourage our pupils to contribute to a purpose-led, skill based curriculum which listens to pupil voice and extends learning through child- led avenues.

Who is involved?

We recognise our vital responsibility as a team of staff and governors to provide the best possible learning day for all our pupils.

Parents, carers and families are involved with their children's learning in many ways. We welcome their expertise, time and commitment to the school.

St. Andrew's C.E infants' is a special place. Please come to see us and share in our learning.

Mrs. C. Meakins, Head Teacher

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